This dude says someone locked the door to his house and he can’t get inside.

We seein’ the issue here? Because an entire team of game designers didn’t.

there was a talking cat in dark souls tho

Yeah, but Alvina was a feral looking forest creature that was perfectly fine given her role as a guardian forest spirit.

The talking cat in DaS2 is literally just a housecat. That can talk. She sells you things and talks about how you smell nice. 

With Firelink Shrine in DaS and The Nexus in DeS, the area was safe, but it still felt melancholic in the former and oppressive in the latter. Menjula or whatever it’s called just feels like a Zelda village where everyone is kinda sad, except for the talking cat.

Why is there A TALKING CAT

that’s how ashens felt, yeah. dark souls is his favorite game but he’s not feelin’ it with 2

It’s so weird. I’ve only been playing for maybe an hour or two and the world just kinda feels… not great? Like all of the other areas in Dark Souls felt lived-in and wrecked and all that, like each area had a purpose. With DaS2 it’s like “here’s a happy village. There’s a couple of castles nearby where you can fight zombie knights. Pick one.” 

Also the hitboxes on some of the enemies feel SUUUPER fucked and way larger than the actual model. Like I’ve been playing DeS pretty hard for the past few days and I went to DaS2 and I’m trying to block and dodge like in DeS and I’m just snapping closer to enemies and getting caught in attacks that very clearly missed me.

What the fuck, guys? 

There’s something off about Dark Souls 2.

I don’t know what it is but something just doesn’t feel right. 

The world just doesn’t feel anywhere near as oppressive as any of the other games. It feels less “the world is fucked beyond all repair and shit is very dismal” and more like “hey guys this is Zelda, the world has monsters in it, but there’s a happy village! and a talking cat! haha!”

woah, they released DaS2 a day early? Shiiiiit

all I know is that somewhere in the game there’s a line that was replaced with “come at me bro” instead of what it was meant to actually be

it’s easier to believe that it’s meant to be the same line and the translators fucked up

looking at the way the lines are translated it looks like the game was translated by three separate teams that didn’t share their notes and gave wildly varying degrees of shits about the project